April 1, 2014


Zedd Wants to Throw His Own Ultra Music Festival

It's a good time to be Zedd. The producer's latest single, "Stay the Night," recently topped the one million mark, something he remains humble about, saying, "I never expected to sell millions of songs." In this Ultra Festival Fuse News exclusive, the DJ gives host Liz Walaszczyk the lowdown on the future.

"I would love to do my own festival because I’m a huge fan of the production element of things," Zedd tells Fuse News of his distant-future plans. "The stage design… I love playing my own tour because I can do anything I want.”

Still, he remains modest and somewhat anxious. "I’ve always been nervous and I will always be nervous, especially with all those fireworks and everything," Zedd says. "The fire almost burned my face off today. It was hands-down the hottest thing I have ever experienced in my life! I smelled like burning hair," the DJ disclosed. "It was right in front of me and at some point it got really painful so I turned around.”

Even when his life is in danger, Zedd maintains a level of professionalism. "I can’t go out there [on stage] and not know what I’m going to play. I see myself as an artist and I prefer to do it that way: Discuss my set, plan it, and really put thought into it instead of having two drinks and going on stage half-drunk and winging it.”

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