March 15, 2014


Ice Cube Talks N.W.A Hall of Fame Snub: It Sucks

Shannon Stewart for Fuse
Shannon Stewart for Fuse

Legendary rap group N.W.A. was notably absent from this year's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees list, but Ice Cube is apparently okay with the snub...sort of.  

In an interview with Associated Press, the former N.W.A. member, and actor, says not making the cut makes sense, but that a different perspective toward acknowledging artists for their work is definitely needed.

"It sucks. But it's understandable. We really only had one album together," Cube said. "I'm sure that groups that have been together longer can make a better argument. But this just lets you know how much we need a hip-hop hall of fame of our own."

And Cube isn’t just referring to the Hall of Fame, but also the GRAMMYs. When asked what he thought of Kendrick Lamar losing to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for Best Rap Album he said: "It's typical. It's the GRAMMYs, what do you expect? But for them to pass up true skills for what could be fly-by-night success...I don't want to dis anybody, but seriously."

Kiss' Paul Stanley understands Cube's frustration as well. Last month Stanley said he didn't care about finally being inducted in this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame after being snubbed by the committee for years. "[The Rock Hall] is elitist and it doesn't reflect the public.” he ranted.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction will take place April 10 in Brooklyn.