March 10, 2014


The 5 Best Quotes From Justin Bieber's Hilarious Deposition

Prince Williams/FilmMagic
Prince Williams/FilmMagic

Last week in Miami, Justin Bieber was deposed in connection to a lawsuit filed by a paparazzo named Jeffery Binion, who claims Bieber's bodyguards choked him and stole his camera equipment last June. This morning, TMZ posted clips of the deposition video, and they are awesome. Bieber is openly being an uncooperative brat, but you can understand his lack of sympathy for the ordeal of a photographer whose job is to pry into his life.

Here are Bieber's five best quotes from the deposition.

1. "I don't listen to anything you have to say."

Of course, given the nature of depositions, this isn't really true. But based on his half-answers, evasions and scowl, he definitely wasn't paying close attention.

2. "I don't know if I've been to Australia."

One way Bieber bogged up the deposition was by pretending to not "recall" people or events he obviously knows. Like, for instance, having been to Australia, or knowing Usher. This quote isn't exactly a lie in the strictest legal sense... but it mostly is.

3. "This is a film? This is a film? You said it's a film. You said watch the film. Is this a film? Is this a film?"

At one point during the deposition, the plaintiff's attorney asked Bieber to look at "film" of his bodyguards accosting a photographer. Bieber's response was to play hysterically dumb, badgering the attorney over his use of the word "film" to describe paparazzi footage.

4. "I dunno Katie Couric, you tell me."

Bieber called the examining Katie Couric. That's basically all you need to know.

5. "I was found on YouTube... I was detrimental to my own career."

While being asked about his relationship with Usher, Bieber refuted that the singer "discovered" him, instead nebulously noting that he was "found on YouTube." He added, "I was detrimental to my own career" before his attorneys quickly corrected him, noting that he meant "instrumental" and not "detrimental."