March 5, 2014


Katy Perry Adorably Mangles Australian Weather Report

It's been a weird couple of weeks for Katy Perry: she's now an aunt, she helped deliver her sister's baby in a living room, and there's the whole Illuminati conspiracy theory thing surrounding her Egyptian-themed "Dark Horse" video.

The madness doesn't end there. While visiting Australia to promote her upcoming Prismatic tour, Perry crashed Sydney's 7 Sunrise news broadcast Wednesday morning to play weather forecaster.

Alongside hosts Sam Armytage and David Koch and with her "nifty wand that all weather reporters use" in tow, Perry butchers the broadcast by standing directly in front of the map and mispronouncing the names of most Australian cities. Canberra becomes "Coona-berra," while Cairns is "Carns." After reading the temperature in Melbourne, she announces "23? That's really cold, ya'll!" (that's 73 degrees Fahrenheit.) The best moment? Perry confuses the city of Hobart for "Hogwarts."

No word on whether this means a career change for the pop star.