March 19, 2014


Casting Live-Action 'Little Mermaid': 6 Singers Who Should Play Ariel

With Bling Ring/Lost In Translation director Sofia Coppola reportedly taking on a live-action Little Mermaid movie, we got to thinking about who has the vocal prowess, dreamy looks and chutzpah-filled curiosity to play the titular character. The answer is clear—a real-life pop star needs to play the aquatic princess.  

And even though this upcoming film is based on the 19th century Danish fairy tale and not the 1989 Disney film—so no guarantees the mermaid will have red hair or even sing—we couldn't help but to keep Ariel in mind when casting the perfect lead for the live-action Little Mermaid. So from Lady Gaga to Demi Lovato to Girls' Generation's Tiffany, here are the six singers we think would make excellent Ariels.

And after you check out our suggestions, we want to know who you think would make the best Little Mermaid. Vote in the poll at the end of this slideshow!

#1Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande rocked red hair long before her days as a ponytail queen, and she was basically born to play the role. Ariel and Ariana share plenty of common characteristics: The Little Mermaid is curious and sweet, enthusiastic and naive, things that could be said of Grande. Plus, since the young singer's Mariah Carey-esque voice is almost siren-like, she would have no trouble wooing her Prince Eric.

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