March 28, 2014


Taylor Swift Surprises Cancer Patient With Serenade

Christopher Polk/TAS/Getty Images
Christopher Polk/TAS/Getty Images

As if you needed another reason to love Taylor Swift, the country darling visited a cancer-stricken fan in NYC yesterday and serenaded him with "Teardrops on my Guitar."

According to the Instagram video, the patient is 20 years old and battling kidney cancer, a rare disease for someone so young. Swift performed the song in a room with only family in attendance. "It's crazy what it did for his mood!" wrote the patient's cousin on Instagram. "Say what you will, but this girl is absolutely amazing. No press, no media, just her."

This isn't out of the ordinary for Tay—just last week the singer visited another cancer patient, teenage Shelby Huff, at New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Huff's mom commented, "I saw other parents on the floor and you could tell the whole vibe was definitely uplifted."

Watch the heartwarming video below.