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10 Craziest Merch Items From Artists Playing Ultra 2014

These 10 artists have two things in common: They're all playing Ultra Music Fest this year, and they're REALLY creative with their merch

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Behold, the Art of EDM Brand-Building

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Thousands of electronic music fans will descend upon Miami's Bayfront Park for Ultra Music Festival this weekend, swathed in their best neon tank tops and kandi masks

The lineup is killer this year—check out our list of 15 must-see acts—and we're sure fans put the music first. Still, any thriving EDM artist knows that making great music isn't enough these days: It's about providing an audiovisual experience, both onstage and off. When it comes to merch, these 10 Ultra artists lead by example.

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Diplo Air Freshener


After a long night of twerking to a Diplo set, you may have a carload of sweaty bodies to transport home. Good thing you’ve got this festive coconut-scented air freshener, which matches the Diplodicus tattoo on the DJ-producer's arm.

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Avicii Doll USB

Here's a wee version of the “Wake Me Up” producer, sans his signature blonde beard scruff. Pop Avicii's head off to reveal a 2 GB USB full of songs, photos and behind the scenes video.

You'll have to hit up eBay for this one though—this limited edition cutie is sold out.

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Flosstradamus Combination Vaporizer/USB


If you own this limited edition Banned 3D mixtape from these Midwestern-bred titans of trap, consider yourself lucky: It’s already out of stock. 

A combination vaporizer/USB is the perfect multitasking tool if: A) You’re Snoop Dogg or B) You have an important meeting at High Times magazine.

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Dillon Francis Performance Art


Got two thousand dollars to burn? According to the EDM DJ/producer's merch page, Dillon Francis will tape a dance routine to the song of your choice. For $20,000 he’ll “ruin your stepdad’s Christmas” though he doesn’t specify how.

Fans do purchase his services, the proceeds of which are donated to charity: Fuse News tagged along as Francis babysat a 15 year old for a cool two grand.

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Carnage Chipotle Gang Basketball Hoop


The L.A.-based DJ's online store offers some clever takes on his Twitter-ubiquitous #ChipotleGang meme. Carnage claims Chipotle has rewarded his playful copyright infringement with free burritos for life, and Frank Ocean has kept their legal team busy these days anyway.

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Tiesto's Line of Lux Headphones


The Dutch musician worked with audio manufacturer AKG to develop three different models for three separate needs: DJing in the club, making beats in the studio and listening to your favorite Tiesto songs on the train. 

Optional fourth use: Wearing them around your neck without being plugged into anything, with the cord dragging behind you. They’re REALLY slick-looking headphones!

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Kill the Noise Toilet Paper

EDM producer/Korn collaborator Kill the Noise pokes fun at the disposability of social media with toilet paper rolls covered in his tweets. One roll is pricey at $7.99, but it does come with reading material included...

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​M.I.A.'s Bad Girls USB Necklace


M.I.A.'s not a DJ, but she IS playing Ultra's live stage this year and this necklace is pretty great. Resembling a key to a BMW like the one Maya ghost rides in the amazing video, the USB pendant contains three bangin’ “Bad Girls” remixes (this Switch remix featuring Missy Elliott and Rye Rye is the standout).

It also holds an “exclusive GIF”, a phrase that sounds ridiculous until you remember how she turned Versace knockoffs into an actual couture line. Let’s all accept the fact that M.I.A. is a visionary and flaunt this chain.

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Krewella Condoms


Anything can happen at an EDM show, right? The "sexually open" Chicago trio told Fuse some stories about their "Can't Control Myself" collaboration with Trustex last year. 

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Kryoman Jumpsuit


Kryoman the robot—the creation of Miami-based EDM performer Andrew Moore—is headed to Ultra this year. You can be a cozier, less-imposing member of the robot army in your very own glow-in-the-dark Kryoman jumpsuit. BYOL (bring your own lazers). 

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