March 30, 2014


Twitter Reacts to DJ Snake's Ultra 2014 Set

Foc Kan/WireImage
Foc Kan/WireImage

"Miami, what the f--k is up?" William Grigahcine, aka DJ Snake, took the stage as the sun set on Ultra Music Festival. For viewers on the outer fray of the Ultra Worldwide stage, it was difficult to ignore the bass-bleed from the adjacent Mega Structure. Nevertheless, the much-buzzed-about DJ quickly gained everyone's full attention, dropping a bouncy remix of his massive hit "Turn Down For What" with a glitch version of the creatively obscene video playing on the LED screen behind him. He also wore sunglasses for the entire show. The crowd took notice.

As Snake wove booty anthems and house into a trap-heavy set, the audience was a rippling mass of shoulder shakes, thrown elbows and GoPros on monopods. (Side note: What's up with the ubiquitous GoPro cameras at Ultra this year? Is everybody making a documentary? Are they crafting a sentimental video montage set to Avicii's "Wake Me Up" that they'll watch with your friends for years to come? Someone please explain.) 

His "Slow Down" with Yellow Claw & Spanker popped up halfway through the set, shortly followed by the actual version of "Turn Down" which is when the energy level reached a fever pitch. As it started to drizzle, Snake kept the party going with that evergreen old-school party anthem, House of Pain's "Jump Around." 

The rain was coming down hard by the end of the set, but the crowd was undaunted—if anything, they were having more fun than ever. As stage techs rushed to cover electronics with tarp, fans were jumping up and down screaming along to a trap remix of Lil Jon and Bass Tone's "Welcome to the Jungle" ("Welcome to Miami b-tch!"). 

DJ Snake's final moments at Ultra were his most inspired: In a bold choice no one could have predicted, he closed with Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." It was playful, it took the crowd's heart rate down, and it sounded just right as everyone stood together in the rain. 

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