April 4, 2014


50 Cent Developing Anti-Bullying Cartoon for Fox

50 Cent is getting into the cartoon game. The rapper recently revealed to Atlanta's V103 that he's developing his 2012 novel Playground into an animated series for Fox. 

The book follows "Butterball," a playground bully that's loosely inspired by Fif's own demeanor growing up. "I realized that the animated stars are bullies — like Bart Simpson, Dennis The Menace, and those different things," he told the radio station (via MTV News). "I wrote [the book] from a more responsible perspective. I want you to like the bully like you liked him in the past in those actual shows, like Dennis The Menace and Bart Simpson, those other characters. And then have him acknowledge his mistakes."

This latest endeavor is another notch in 50's ever-expanding creative belt. He's currently finalizing his new album, Animal Ambition, his first independent release since leaving Interscope. That album is due out June 3rd and he recently explained to Fuse the inspiration behind his new single "The Funeral." 

"When I fell in love with hip hop, there were different elements involved in the actual writing," he said. "The storytelling process was really big at that point. It's almost gone because it's been replaced with riddles and little punchlines. So, for me to bring that element back is exciting." We can only hope a cartoon 50 Cent feels the same. 

Watch Fuse's 50 Cent interview below: