April 15, 2014


50 Cent Goes Vintage Gangster In 'Hustler' Video

50 Cent is a hustler, baby, and he wants you to know. The rapper premiered his latest track on New York's Hot 97 yesterday, a video surfacing just hours after.

"Hustler" is filmed entirely in black and white. 50 Cent dons vintage Prohibition Era gangster duds, complete with tilted fedora and black trench coat. He spends most of his time smoking a cigar in front of flashing female silhouettes. Think half-mafioso, half-James Bond!

50 purists will be pleased to hear the rapper embracing his classic sound—and personality. He rhymes in the chorus, "My mind on the money, I ain't trippin' on the h**s / I blow a whole lot of paper on clothes / Can you dig it? I'm a hustler, baby." His upcoming album, Animal Ambition, arrives June 3.

Watch the video above.