April 28, 2014


Arcade Fire Respond to Deadmau5 By Making Fun of Deadmau5

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

2014's silliest feud continues.

Last night in St. Louis, Arcade Fire "struck back" at EDM artist Deadmau5, presumably a dig into last week's comments that the critically acclaimed band—who dissed EDM during their Coachella set—"need to settle down."  

Instead of taking to a computer to compose their comeback, they brought the beef into the live setting. Deadmau5's signature mouse ears popped up on one of their video projection screens during "Normal Person," a song that asks the question "Do you like rock and roll music?" Watch below, but don't blink or roll your eyes, otherwise you might miss it.

In other Arcade Fire news, the band just released a six-minute long behind-the-scenes video for Vevo's "Tour Exposed" series. The clip details the band's Reflektor tour and what goes into the show's aesthetics and how they're trying to transform arenas into a club-like setting. 

Their belief in the crappiness of artists who don't use instruments, shockingly, goes unmentioned. Watch below: