April 22, 2014


Ariana Grande Met Jim Carrey and Started Crying

Let's hope Ariana Grande's on-again off-again boyfriend Nathan Sykes of the Wanted doesn't get wind of this. "The Way" singer had the hots for Jim Carrey when she was young(er) and when she finally met the comedian, she started sobbing.

The singer posted an instragram video of the encounter with the caption "me meeting Jim Carrey 😭😭😭😭😭😭 (but why is Alexa laughing at me behind the camera)"

She later tweeted, "Met my childhood crush Jim Carrey. could [not] even speak. he was kind, warm and human. I'm so happy," followed by, "All was swell until my mom told him that my first screen name was JimCarreyFan42@aol............ I wanted to die." 

Carrey's response? "He said 'stay human,'" Grande tweeted. Strange advice!

Watch the clip above. And keep in mind that Grande was seven-months-old when Ace Ventura: Pet Detective came out.