April 23, 2014


No, Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" Video Did Not Get Pulled From YouTube

UPDATE: Avril Lavgine's "Hello Kitty" video is online now, and she's responded to accusations of racism with "LOLOLOL!!!"

Keeping track of Avril Lavigne's Pez-dispensed circus of a music video "Hello Kitty" is becoming a full-time pursuit, but we can clear up one bit of misinformation: No, the video was not yanked from YouTube because it was offensive or poorly received. In fact, it hasn't been officially updated to YouTube yet. 

Rumors started swirling about the "Hello Kitty" video as soon as it hit Avril's official site, given that various YouTube uploads of the clip were removed in the hours that followed. Fans and bloggers began speculating wildly. Was "Hello Kitty" taken down because everyone hated it? Did YouTube scrub it because it was deemed culturally insensitive, racist and offensive? Were people freaking out because Chad Kroeger—Nickelback's growly frontman and Lavigne's husband—has a songwriting credit on the track?

According to Avril's camp: Nooope. Epic Records tells Fuse that the video was never uploaded to an official YouTube channel, which explains why each video was removed so quickly. 

They will upload the "official version" soon, but if you can't wait to see Lavigne scarfing sushi, embracing a Skrillex-esque breakdown and dancing around in cupcake skirt, "Hello Kitty" can still be viewed on Lavigne's site here.