April 24, 2014


Avril Lavigne Responds to Racism Claims Over "Hello Kitty" Video

As Fuse previously confirmed, Avril Lavigne's Japanese-themed "Hello Kitty" music video was not yanked from YouTube. In fact, it was officially uploaded to the signer's Vevo account last night. But the clip is still irking plenty of people, who are calling the kawaii visual, and Avril herself, racist.

But the "Rock N Roll" singer is laughing off claims her video is culturally insensitive, saying, "RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!!" According to Lavigne's Twitter, she loves Japan and its culture.

To be fair, Japan loves her, too. Her last two albums—Goodbye Lullaby and her new self-titled record—sold better there than stateside. And while she hasn't sent a single to the Billboard Top 10 since 2007, she racked up four Top 10 hits in Japan in that same time.

Whether the video is culturally insensitive will continue to be debated across the blogosphere. But one thing we can all agree on is that Avril could have made the "Someone chuck a cupcake at me!" line way more fun. She just sorta smirks at the camera and throws down a stuffed animal. We expected more, Avril. Watch the official Vevo upload above.