April 16, 2014


8 Saxophone Solos That Prove Courtney Love Wrong

#1Bruce Springsteen, "Badlands"

Courtney Love’s dismissive comments about the sax in rock called out the late Clarence Clemons in particular, but the E Street Band's late MVP has a host of saxophone solos that prove her wrong. Obviously, his "Born To Run" bit juiced up an already rocking song, and his “Jungleland” piece is a lengthy, spine-tingling 2-plus minutes of pure awesomeness. 

But If you want indisputable proof that saxophones belong in rock n' roll, check out the video above of Springsteen and the E Street Band performing “Badlands” at Hyde Park in 2009. The bridge sees one of the Boss' rough, aggressive guitar solos followed immediately by a Clemons sax solo. In this rare case of the two going toe-to-toe, Clemons’ part not only holds its own, but might actually be more iconic and important to the song. 

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