April 9, 2014


Coachella 2014: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Guide Your Way

Heading to Coachella? So are we! We're getting psyched for one of the greatest experiences of the music festival season and we're here to help guide your way as well. 

Coachella has one of the most stacked lineups from beginning to end of any festival in the United States. If you've been there before, you can't wait to get back–but if you're planning your first trip this year, it can be a little intimidating. That's where we can come in.

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We've already outlined the Indio, CA festival's 2014 lineup, noted 15 must-see artists playing this year, cobbled together a playlist of every act performing, and curated a one-stop survival guide to make sure you have a stress-free time at Coachella. Basically, we've got your back.

Now we've made a cheat sheet with suggestions of who to watch every day based on your mood. Using the above cheat sheet and checking out Coachella's newly announced set times should help you piece together a nice plan for whichever weekend you're attending–whether it's April 11-13 or April 18-20. 

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The cheat sheet highlights one artist per mood that we've laid out, and we took care to include a variety of moods that you might be experiencing throughout the weekend. If you want to veg out, blow off steam or just feel good...we've got a suggestion for you. If you'd rather party down or go back in time with an older act, we've covered that as well.

Check out the cheat sheet above and you can print it out or download it here! Be sure to keep up with the rest of our Coachella 2014 coverage too. If you wanted to go to Coachella but couldn't get there, you haven't run out of time yet–check out which other music festival you might want to visit.