April 29, 2014


Coldplay & Avicii Unveil Pulsating Single "A Sky Full of Stars"

Coldplay just dropped their new single "A Sky Full of Stars," a collaboration with EDM master Avicii that will appear on their new album Ghost Stories.

The track builds around synthy pulsations while Chris Martin's tender voice sings about how you're such a "heavenly view." It's perfect mood music for when you're looking for someone to uplift your emotional spirits and your heart rate. 

The new track is the latest in a flurry of Coldplay-related news. In the past two days, Martin opened up big time to the BBC's Zane Lowe about his divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow, saying that he "doesn't want to be scared of love." He also took the opportunity to debut another new Coldplay tune, "Always in My Head," which is far more laid-back than this.

The band are also currently engaged in a "lyric" contest, where they've hidden actual handwritten lyrics in libraries around the world. They've been giving out clues via their Twitter this week, where fans are then rushing to find them lodged in between actual ghost stories. Clever!