April 7, 2014


Coldplay's Chris Martin Plays Hero & Villain in "Magic" Video

Ever wish you could strap Coldplay's Chris Martin up to a spinning wheel and throw knives at him while he serenaded you? Of course, you have—you're human! Such fantasies come to life in the band's new video for "Magic," the brooding second single off their forthcoming new album Ghost Stories.  

The video is a deliberate throwback to the early days of movie making, with an old-timey intro, black & white treatment and a plot centered around a traveling circus. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's Zhang Ziyi plays the damsel in distress and Martin plays a magician/hero who can make himself levitate and save women in terrible relationships. 

But there's more! He also plays the villain, a huge meanie in the way old-timey villains were. If only this were real, maybe we could all be saved by a floating Chris Martin one day. 

Coldplay's Ghost Stories arrives May 19.