April 24, 2014


Deadmau5 Rips Arcade Fire for Dissing EDM

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

UPDATE: Arcade Fire bit back at Deadmau5 by mocking his likeness during a recent concert in St. Louis. See the footage here

Original Story: Deadmau5 has never shied away from expressing his opinion via social media, and he's recently tussled with Tiesto and Lady Gaga's Little Monsters with his tweets. He's even bashed his own genre in the past, calling EDM bland and ripping into it for being full of "cookie-cutter stuff."

Apparently, dissing EDM is only okay if it's coming straight from the mouth of a giant mouse head, because he's spent the past 24 hours tweeting his irritation with comments Arcade Fire's Win Butler made at Coachella about electronic music.

Let's rewind to Coachella's first weekend: Butler shouted out "all the bands still playing actual instruments at this festival." Deadmau5 turns around (two weeks later) and lets loose with a stream of tweets calling him out for the shady remark.

Deadmau5 makes a solid point about the EDM vs. rock debate getting old, and proceeds to name-check Daft Punk, saying that he doesn't expect them to "pull a Steve Vai" and whip out guitars. Then he slept on it, then he ranted some more well into this afternoon:

Doesn't look like they'll be an Arcade Fire/Deadmau5 collaboration coming up in the near future. Or ever.