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deadmau5’s giant mouse head and its glowing, demonic grin has become an EDM icon in recent years, but apparently that’s not enough to secure the DJ/producer’s claim to those giant ears. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is looking into deadmau5's attempt to copyright a black and white image of his cartoon mouse’s head, as it’s pretty similar to a certain other famous rodent. 

deadmau5’s Ronica Holdings Limited registered for the image last year, and the registration seeks to cover the use of the image regarding everything from BMX bikes (specifically), tech equipment, print materials, clothing, food, live entertainment, promotion and performance in any capacity. You can view the exact logo Mr. mau5 is trying to copyright below.

As the description of deadmau5’s intended trademark overlaps with that of Mickey Mouse’s likeness, Disney has notified the U.S. Trademark office that it’s investigating the claim. They’ve got 90 days to do so, and will have the option to file a notice of opposition if they see fit.

In less litigious news, deadmau5 recently filled-in for his ailing friend Avicii at Ultra 2014. Check out our review of his stellar set right here.