April 5, 2014


Eminem Almost Recorded a Diss Track on Kanye West & Lil Wayne

Dana Edelson/NBC/Getty Images
Dana Edelson/NBC/Getty Images

In a radio interview with Big Boy, on L.A.'s Power 106Eminem confessed that during a low point in his life he wanted to record a track trashing chart-topping rappers including Kanye West and Lil Wayne... but he refrained.

"For that time period when I was away, I was watching what was going on in the game: anything that was hot at that moment, anybody that was really killing sh-t," the Detroit rapper said. The lull period that he speaks of was during the five years it took him to release Relapse, his sixth studio album in 2009. "I felt so bad about myself and the music that I was creating, I felt I was starting to turn into a hater."

Although he's been criticized for glorifying domestic violence during his earlier years, Eminem said that dissing his fellow rappers would have been "career suicide."

"There were times that it didn't feel good to be me," Eminem said. "I think deep down I just wasn't happy with myself, man, you know? There were some really dark moments in there, when I think about my thought processes when I was high a lot. It wasn't good, and it certainly wasn't me. I'm not even that sort of person."

Perhaps Jay Z and Drake will follow suit and chill on the hating tracks?

This summer Eminem will be hitting the road on a summer tour with Rihanna. So far the Monster Tour includes shows in New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles.

Check out the interview below.