April 15, 2014


Watch Estelle's "Make Her Say (Beat It Up)" Video

Earlier this month, Estelle gave Fuse an exclusive inside look at the making of her sultry new video for "Make Her Say (Beat It Up)." The video features real-life couples making out and the R&B singer bluntly told us that it's about "having good, awesome sex." So how does the final product measure up?

Without being NSFW, the video captures Estelle's intentions by utilizing slow-motion sequences that show each couple's lust for each other. Some like their beards tugged, some like a bit of bondage and some like the taste of honey (seriously, not metaphorically).

The track comes from Estelle's new EP, Love & Happiness, Vol. 3, out now. Watch Fuse's behind-the-scenes of "Make Her Say" below: