April 28, 2014


Game Urges Clippers Boycott Over Donald Sterling's Racist Comments

Leon Bennett/Getty Images
Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Thanks to TMZ, the blunt, idiotic racism of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling is now public knowledge.

In the wake of leaked phone conversations that allegedly find Sterling asking his girlfriend not to publicly associate with black people, Compton rapper Game is urging fans to boycott the basketball team until Sterling is ousted.

"Although I feel for friends of mine that play for the Clippers franchise," Game wrote on Instagram, "I have now started the #ESC which is short for #EMPTYSEATCAMPAIN asking ALL Los Angeles residents to boycott the next Clippers game by not attending which will prove that we are more of a MAJORITY than the previously stated 'minority' label given to us by Mr. Sterling."

Lil Wayne voiced similar thoughts: “If I was a Clipper fan, I wouldn’t be one anymore. It’s that simple."

While Game's plan to boycott the next Clippers game is a smart and actionable plan, Snoop offered the most succinct assessment of the situation.

"A message to the motherf—ker who owns the Clippers, you bitch ass, white bread, redneck chickensh-t mother--ker," Snoop said via an Instagram video. "F--k you, you racist piece of sh-t."