April 22, 2014


Aaron Freeman Releases First Post-Ween Original Song

Franco Vogt
Franco Vogt

It's been a few years since cult favorites Ween called it quits, but founding member Aaron "Gene Ween" Freeman has returned today with his first original song in this post-Ween era we're now living in. 

The excellent song is the clunkily-titled "(For a While) I Couldn't Play My Guitar Like a Man" and sounds reminiscent of what his old band was doing towards the end of their career. It's an irreverant, mid-tempo jam that features some sweet guitar noodling despite the narrator (Freeman) proclaiming he's having trouble playing his instrument (oily hands will do that to you).

The song was first premiered by comedian Jack Black via his Facebook page, who said "more genius from the master." 

His new band is simply called Freeman. Expect a debut album out on July 22.