April 24, 2014


Guns N' Roses Aiming for New Album in Next Year

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Guns N' Roses are reportedly back at work on a new record, their first since 2008's massively delayed Chinese Democracy. According to the BBC, G N'R guitarist Richard Fortus said the band is "working on stuff." 

"We're going to be in [Las] Vegas all together, so hopefully during that time we're going to be able to get into the room and start laying down some more stuff," he said at the Revolver Golden Gods awards last night in Los Angeles. The band was in attendance for a performance. "Hopefully very soon we're going to have new stuff out," he added. "Well, in the next year."

"Everybody in the band is like writers," the band's other guitarist DJ Ashba said. "We all have our home studios. We all record ideas and pass them around. It's that type of vibe."

While this news is certainly interesting and not that surprising - after all, the band has been playing live consistently over the last few years - fans are right to be skeptical about any sort of timetable. In other words, should something come out in this lifetime, consider that a win. 

The band returns to touring duties starting May 13 in Bethlehem, PA before heading out to Las Vegas for nine shows at the Joint.