April 21, 2014


Iggy Azalea Likens Her Place In History to The Rolling Stones

Cindy Ord/Getty Images
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Foreign, female and white: Iggy Azalea doesn't exactly fit the current hip hop star mold and she knows it. But she thinks her debut album—The New Classic, which finally drops this week—will silence rap purists' apprehension toward her. 

"Why is it that you can have the Rolling Stones, but a white rapper is weird?" the "Fancy" rapper asks Billboard in a new interview. "The Rolling Stones were originally doing blues. This is not weird, this is like history repeating itself. When people say stuff like that about race, I just think you don't really love music because you don't know about music.

"But get used to this. Because if it's not me, it's going to be somebody else."

Just days ahead of the release, Billboard revealed that Iggy sings a couple of her own hooks on the record, further muddying the lines of what a rapper is and isn't.

The expert twerker also spoke about the nearly nonexistent percentage of white women in hip hop, saying, "Maybe we felt discouraged like we didn't have a place in rap music or we weren't wanted." 

She also called out the media for making fans choose sides between female MCs, recalling a 2012 feud with Azealia Banks. "The media [said], 'Either you like Banks or Iggy,' so labels were like, 'There can only be one rapper with a vagina,'" Iggy said, possibly giving insight to her multiple album delays.

Still, Iggy remains confident in her work. "I come from an era of kids who are always being told that what we make is not classic. But my album says to people my age, 'Don't devalue that we can be culturally significant—because we can be.'"