April 3, 2014


Jack White to Release Record-Setting Record on Record Store Day

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images
Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Jack White loves vinyl and thus his favorite non-government holiday is Record Store Day. To celebrate this year, he's announced a very limited 7" single. On April 19, he'll wake up, go to Third Man Records in Nashville, record a live version of the title track to his new album Lazaretto, ship it off for pressing... then deliver it to fans just hours later that same day. It's being dubbed "the fastest studio to store single in history" and is only available to Third Man Vault members. 

The event will actually be an all-day affair. White will record the song live at 10am with music, food and festivities to tide collectors over as they wait for the pressing to arrive. Last year, White was the official "Record Store Day ambassador" and his erstwhile band the White Stripes reissued their 2003 album Elephant on its 10th anniversary. 

Two years ago around this time, he toyed with "alternative distribution methods" for a Blunderbuss single, "Freedom at 21." For that stunt, he attached 1,000 vinyl singles to helium balloons and let them float away. Recovered copies went for over $2500 on eBay.

Of all the rare items ushered out for Record Store Day, this actually sounds like a great little event... and most of all, a chance to hear more Lazaretto material.