April 2, 2014


Janelle Monae Covers David Bowie's "Heroes"

PepsiCo via Getty Images
PepsiCo via Getty Images

It's no secret that R&B star Janelle Monae has a love for all things sci-fi, so it makes perfect sense that she'd want to tackle David Bowie at some point. And thanks to a new Pepsi campaign, the ArchAndroid is finally covering the Space Oddity. 

Speaking to Rolling Stone about her just-dropped cover of "Heroes," Monae said that the title track to the Thin White Duke's 1977 album is one of her favorite songs. 

"Bowie is part of my musical DNA in so many ways," she said. "When you love your favorite song, you want to keep some of the beautiful qualities of the original, but we brought Atlanta in the drums and wanted them to be thick and hit hard. It’s like us re-imagining it. I thought, ‘If this song was in my dream, how would it get from our dream to my reality?'

"He’s a true time traveler and I think that that is a part of who I am and the legacy that I want people to remember. I will never expire. Nor will David Bowie."

Listen to Monae's warbly, futuristic take on the classic tune below: