April 15, 2014


John Mayer Turns Beyonce's "XO" Into an Acoustic Gem

Dudes covering Beyonce has certainly become a trend as of late. Last week, Ed Sheeran unleashed his cover of Bey's "Drunk in Love" and now John Mayer has tackled her single "XO." 

A clip from his show in Adelaide, Australia shows him turning the upbeat pop tune into a soulful, acoustic affair, one that's perfect for any melancholy moments you may be experiencing. Mayer clearly knows the tune well, and even manages to play with the tempo a bit. It's worth watching just to hear him enunciate "XO" over and over before ripping through a harmonica solo. 

Mayer is currently touring down under before hitting Japan and Korea next month. His latest release is 2013's Paradise Valley.