GARY, IN - AUGUST  31: Can You Feel It" the Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce's event honoring Katherine Jackson at the Majes
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Six months after a jury decided AEG Live was not liable in Michael Jackson's tragic death at age 50, Katherine Jackson has been ordered to pay the legal fees of the concert promoter she targeted with her high-profile lawsuit.  

A Los Angeles judge ruled that the Jackson Family matriarch should pay AEG at least $800,000 in filing fees, travel costs, court reporter expenses and a variety of other costs incurred by the lengthy lawsuit.

AEG, naturally, was pleased with the ruling, saying the pop star's mother deserves to be forced to "pay nearly $1 million" that the company spent in "having to defend a matter that she should have never brought in the first place."

Although Jackson's lawyers may appeal the decision, the AP reports that preliminary paperwork filed by her attorneys stated Katherine Jackson and her children were open to paying part of AEG's legal costs.