April 23, 2014


Justin Bieber Apologizes for Posing in Front of War Criminal Shrine

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

International gaffe expert Justin Bieber is in more hot water.

The troubled pop star recently posted a picture of himself in Japan outside the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, which honors Japanese military leaders that committed war crimes against China. Not a good look, Bieber. 

He quickly learned the error of his ways and has since removed the post, with a follow-up screen grab of a TIME magazine headline calling him out. "While in Japan I asked my driver to pull over for which I saw a beautiful shrine," he wrote. "I was mislead to think the Shrines were only a place of prayer. To anyone I have offended I am extremely sorry. I love you China and I love you Japan."

This is the second incident this week involving Bieber's foreign diplomacy skills. Earlier  this week, the White House confirmed they are not on the "deport the Biebs" bandwagon despite receiving a healthy amount of signatures on a petition.