April 28, 2014


Justin Bieber Drops New Acoustic Ballad "We Were Born for This"

Less than 48 hours after surprising fans with the solemn slow jam "Hard 2 Face Reality," Justin Bieber dropped another new song, the acoustic ballad "We Were Born for This." And despite the hushed production, Bieber sounds more empowered and grateful—seriously—than ever. Listen above.

Despite a single guitar softly backing him, Bieber croons out empowering lyrics like, "'Cause this is my time / And I won't waste it thinking about what you gotta say / 'Cause I'm here to stay," likely referring to his constant media scrutiny. 

The lyrics ring similar to "Broken," another song Bieber leaked himself that addressed haters ("Someone like me is hard to find / Oh, I cannot be broken"). But unlike "Broken," this is a mellow, mature response to the non-believers.

Bieber also pays tribute to his fans on this surprise song, ending it with the lines, "Look at all the people standing outside / So dedicated / Your love doesn't go unrecognized." Bieber sees you, Beliebers!!!

p.s. Property of Zack points out that Biebs likely swiped that cover art from a Paramore fan who made the cover for an album track off the band's Riot! album. Tsk, tsk.