April 8, 2014


Kanye Calls Kim "The No. 1 Trophy Wife" on Future's "I Won"

Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images
Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

With a Parisian wedding on the horizon and a beautiful baby girl in his life, it's no shock that Kanye West's verse on Future's new song "I Won" is all about Kim. But what is surprising is how explicit Yeezus gets when dropping his fiancée-centric verse on the Honest rapper-singer's heavily Auto-Tuned new track.

For instance: "I wanna dip that ass" and "you're the number one trophy wife" aren't the most romantic of statements, but hey, Yeezus isn't gonna go soft just because he's a daddy. Rap tracks with baby noises are really more Jay Z's thing.

Another surprise in Kanye's verse: Apparently Kris Humphries is still on his mind. While talking about having sex with Kim, Yeezus spits, "I made it over NBA and NFL players / So every time I score it's like the Super Bowl." Here's hoping that line makes it into their wedding vows.

But the real shocker in this song is the following line, which is arguably the lamest lyric Kanye—who is undeniably a genius—has delivered in some time:  "Baby we should hit the south of France / So you can run around without the pants."

"I Won" is available as an instant download on iTunes for anyone who purchases Honest in advance. You can listen to it below: