April 3, 2014


Miley Cyrus Might Cancel Bangerz Concert Thanks to Vladimir Putin

Steve Jennings/Getty Images
Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Despite selling out her Helsinki concert, Miley Cyrus may be forced to cancel her Finnish tour stop thanks to U.S./Russian tensions. 

According to the BBC, planned concerts in Finland by Cyrus, Justin Timberlake and Aerosmith may be canceled as a result of U.S. sanctions against Russia over the situation in the Ukraine.

But Finland isn't Russia, so what's the problem? Well, the concert venue, Helsinki Hartwall, is owned by Gennady Timchenko and brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, three men who are part of Russian President Vladimir Putin's "inner circle." Under the sanctions, no American citizen or business can provide them—or any of the other 24 people identified with ties to Putin—with "economic resources." In short, no doing business with these bad boys.

Live Nation said it's currently reviewing the situation to ensure sanctions are upheld. The BBC notes that if the money had been paid before the restrictions, the concert could go on as planned. If money is still owed to the venue—and Timchenko and the Rotenberg brothers—the shows could be axed.

"The question is whether you are giving Timchenko economic resources by allowing the concerts to go ahead," says international law firm partner Tom Stocker. "It is a real area of ambiguity. The company that owns the venue is not on the sanctions list, but Timchenko is."

Stocker adds that future shows from British artists like Elton JohnPeter Gabriel and Robbie Williams are in jeopardy, too, due being represented by U.S. managers, and thus unable to discuss concert details while on U.S. soil.

Let's hope the conflicts get resolved stat.