April 18, 2014


7 Music Videos You Didn't Realize Were Censored

While stories of banned music videos are legendary at this point—from M.I.A.'s ginger-killing "Born Free" video to Robin Thicke's topless version of "Blurred Lines" to a sizable chuck of Madonna's videography—censored music videos tend to fly under the radar. In fact, you've probably watched dozens of censored clips without even realizing they were altered by the broadcasting powers that be.

In the following seven music videos—a few of which are stone-cold classics—"offensive" words are replaced, other lyrics are outright dropped and visual segments are tastefully trimmed. Check out these (often questionably) censored videos.

#1Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back"

Sir Mix-a-Lot's immortal ode to ass has the "Dial 1-900" part muted from the broadcast version of the video. Why is that particular line so offensive in a song entirely about sex? Who knows? According to Vulture's anal oral history of the hit song, MTV was extremely reluctant to play the video in the first place. So maybe the network felt they had to censor something after initially refusing to play it in any form.

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