July 16, 2015


New Gorillaz Album Being Recorded Soon

Paul Bergen/Getty Images
Paul Bergen/Getty Images

Update (7/16): More than a year after Damon Albarn initially hinted about a new Gorillaz album, we finally have a definitive timeframe for the cartoon pop band to get into the studio.

The Blur frontman appeared on Australian TV show ABC 7.30 and explained: 

"I'm starting recording in September for a new Gorillaz record. I've just been really, really busy so I haven't had a chance. I'd love to just get back in to that routine of being at home and coming to the studio five days a week."

Albarn told Fuse he's written "quite a lot of songs on the road" for Gorillaz when we caught up with him at Bonnaroo 2014. 

Whenever the new LP drops, it'll be the "Whirlwind" outfit's first since 2011's The Fall. We just hope that the Gorillaz members have enjoyed the time off and will be refreshed to put out music and tour very soon. (Just kidding, we know they're cartoons. Of course they're ready.)

Original Story (4/9/2014): General wisdom dictates that Gorillaz, the cartoon pop band created by Blur's Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett, is finished. When asked about it over the years, Albarn has stated that it's kaput. Until now. In a new interview with NME, Albarn says that there's more Gorillaz material that could see the light of day soon. Real soon. 

"I can definitely see another Gorillaz-esque record at some point," he told the British music magazine. "That will almost definitely happen. I could put a Gorillaz record out next week; I've got enough stuff I haven't finished."

Gorillaz last release was 2010's Plastic Beach, which featured collaborations with Snoop DoggMos Def, and De La Soul. But a fall-out over the direction of Plastic Beach led the two artists down different paths. But it seems like they've worked through their creative differences. "There are points in every relationship where they fall out with people that they're close to and then they reconcile, hopefully, and actually, you know the relationship's probably in a healthier place as a result of that," Albarn said of Hewlett.

Albarn himself is prepping the release of his debut solo album, Everyday Robots, which arrives on April 29, 2014.