April 23, 2014


Pharrell Turns Ballet Practice Into Dance-a-Thon for "Marilyn Monroe" Video

Ever have one of those days where you show up to ballet practice and it turns into a spontaneous Pharrell Williams dance-a-thon conducted by Pharrell himself, which eventually continues on to rooftops and modern art installations? No? 

That's okay, neither have we. But that's exactly what goes down in Pharrell's new video for "Marilyn Monroe," the new song of his album G I R L. Along with happy-looking dance numbers and a cameo from Kelly Osbourne, the video intersperses these scenes with weird dream sequences that suggest Pharrell sleeps very easily at night, knowing women just want to flock to him... even when he plays air guitar. 

The new video is just one more piece to the ever-expanding puzzle that is Pharrell's quest to dominate 2014. This past weekend, he rocked out with Jay Z, Usher and T.I. at Coachella. Later this year he's set to become a judge on The Voice