April 25, 2014


Rising Folk Band Phox Embrace Simplicity In Lovely "Slow Motion" Video

The banjo is back, and it's... seductive? Meet Phox, the indie folk band of your dreams. The sextet have released the video for their latest single, "Slow Motion." In it, frontwoman Monica Martin channels her best Amy Winehouse by way of sultry soul vocals.

"Slow Motion," Martin told USA Today, stems from her experiences working at a coffeehouse in their native Baraboo, Wisconsin (a town of 12,000 people). “One day I was like, 'Oh, I'm sorry, I was just moving in slow motion today.' This was after like three years. I realized I said that four out of the six days I worked there a week.”

She added, “For us, the progress is represented in shows that we play and how many more people are there to see us and people contacting us.” This won’t be the last we hear of them!

BTW, if the song sounds familiar to you, that because it’s gotten some television airplay on NBC's Parenthood and Fox's Rake.

Phox will release their debut self-titled album on June 24.

Watch the video above.