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8 Prom Bands You Never Knew Existed

Check out these musical acts that pay homage to high school's biggest dance

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    Prom nights are remembered for many reasons and oftentimes, it's not for the tunes. Still, that hasn't stopped a bevy of musicians from naming their musical endeavor after the storied year-end high school dance. Click through this gallery and listen to 8 "Prom" bands that make music for the dance floor, for that time well-spent afterwards or for trying to forget the painful memories.

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    The Prom

    The Prom were a Seattle-based, emotive-piano band that found a fan in Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla—he produced the group as well as took them on tour. The band hasn't released an album since 2002's Under the Same Stars, but like prom itself, their memory lives (with the help of YouTube).

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    Prom Band

    Prom Band are a Chicago-based cover band that, in their words, are "America's meat-fueled, working man's More Pop genre." They can tackle pretty much anything—check out the clip above for an interesting take on Beyonce's "Crazy in Love." And book them at your next prom-themed party. 

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    We don't know much about Brooklyn duo PROM, but we do know that they write dreamy electro-pop songs that would work well in those prom video montages you're destined to create.

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    Junior Prom

    The actual prom may garner everyone's attention, but don't forget: There's a junior prom, too. Which is exactly what this Brooklyn dance-rock duo pay homage to. And you may just hear their pulsating synths at your next dance!

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    The Prom Kings

    Every prom crowns a king and queen, but will you remember them years later? Chances are "no," but defunct L.A. hard rockers the Prom Kings thought you might. Check out their emo-driven video for their single "Alone"—it takes place in jail, a place no prom-goer ever wants to wind up in.

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    Prom Queen

    Forget the king—everyone knows the real hero of the big dance is the queen, which is exactly what Leeni, an excellent exotica singer from Seattle, is. Prom Queen is name of her musical project that plays "lush cinematic pop," perfect for those slow-dance moments you want to cherish forever and ever. 

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    I Killed the Prom Queen

    Ok, so maybe not everyone loves a prom queen. Since 2000, this Australian metal band has released four studio albums and toured the world over. All with a healthy hatred of prom queens! Editor's note: We do not endorse murder of any kind.

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    Headless Prom Queens

    We're starting to see a trend here: the prom queen doesn't find fandom in everyone. This London-based rock band, Headless Prom Queens, play the type of music you might want to listen to when your prom date leaves you for someone else. 


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