April 8, 2014


Women in Hip Hop: 2014's Rising Female Rappers


It’s sad, but true: Hip hop is still very much a boys club. 

The way the industry is set up, it seems a woman in hip hop has a better shot at visibility in the background of a Rick Ross video than on the Billboard charts. And when talented women do manage to take the spotlight, the media's propensity for pitting female artists against each other often gets in the way of acknowledging their talent.

Yeah, we know under-representation isn't going to be fixed by corralling artists into lists that conflate genre with gender, but we want to shine a light on up-and-coming talent that deserves more recognition.

Because there's actually a plethora of female talent in hip hop these days. From the in-your-face attack of Junglepussy to singing/rapping double threat Tink, here are some of the ladies we're betting will make big waves in 2014.

PS: Don't see your fave? She may have been on last year's 2013 Rising Female Rappers list.

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