April 23, 2014


Did Shakira Lip Sync on 'The Voice'?

True to its name, The Voice is all about, well, people's actual voices. Which is why some viewers are upset over what they claim is a lip-synced performance from season 6 coach Shakira on Tuesday night's episode. 

Watch above to see the world's most famous hipshaker belt out a rendition of her new single "Empire." One of the most memorable parts of the rock ballad is the heavy distortion and reverb added to Shaki's vocals on the hook. 

Not only did her lips seems to be moving independently of the singing at certain points, but she sang into the mic during the distorted sections, even though she seemed to be using a regular microphone. Additionally, those distorted sections sounded exactly like the studio version of the track.

Some fans weren't too happy about the performance and pointed out the contradiction of lip-syncing on The Voice on Twitter and YouTube. 

"I think that's the first time I've seen a 'Voice' coach lip sync," reads a top YouTube comment. "Very disappointing." A Twitter user wrote, "Can't believe the poor taste that would allow Shakira to lip sync on a 'live show.'" 

But others offered a different outlook. Said another top YouTube comment, "The minute she sings part of the song using lip synch, you guys want to crucify her. She's proven herself time and time again, which is why The Voice recruited her."

What's your take: Did the Voice coach fake her own voice? And if she did just this once, does it really matter?

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