April 7, 2014


Anna Kendrick & Icona Pop Praise "Dongs All Over the World"

Remember loving Ludacris' 2005 hit "Pimpin' All Over the World"? Of course you do. And now—almost a decade later—the ladies have a (hilarious) response track thanks to Anna KendrickIcona Pop and the SNL cast. "Dongs All Over the World" is, bluntly, the anthem for gettin' global d-ck. 

Playing the most cocksure girl group ever, the ladies explain, "Not lookin' for art museums / Not looking for mausoleums / This ain't the trip to see 'em / We just want those dongs all other world!" The Pitch Perfect star even drops a nasty rap break: "Here's a quick tip that you need to know / When you're traveling the world with your girls in tow / Keep a tight schedule and you can't go wrong / You'll see none of the country, but all the dongs." 

Meanwhile, Icona Pop play airplane pilots and tell the ladies, "It is now safe, and mandatory, to move about the cabin." And, presumably, join the mile-high club.

As hilarious as it is watching the girls hump and fondle the Speedo-clad models, we love the underlying message that, Yeah!, girls can pimp just as well as the boys. 

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