April 17, 2014


Wu-Tang Fans Launch Kickstarter to Purchase, Leak One-of-a-Kind Album

scluzay.com via Forbes
scluzay.com via Forbes

Never underestimate the determination of hardcore hip hop fans. Specifically, Wu-Tang heads. 

A group of dedicated folks calling themselves "Fans of Wu Tang the World Over" have launched a Kickstarter dedicated to raising a whopping $5 million to purchase the one-of-a-kind forthcoming Wu album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

The single-pressing album comes in a silver and nickel encased box and will be touted around a museum before settling into some rich person's private art collection, presumably never to be heard by the general public. This Kickstarter aims to change that and distribute the album for free over the Internet. 

"The risk is some Saudi oil baron's kid spending his dad's money to collect a trophy and then he'll keep the album to himself and fans the world over will suffer," the Kickstarter page reads. "If for some reason we are unable to purchase the album to distribute it to all fans or we are outbid, there will be a vote to either refund all money to backers or use the money to fund a Wu Tang related project such as a free concert for backers."

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, RZA stated that Shaolin is not intended for consumers: "[It] will be a single piece of art in a beautiful encasing. That belongs in a museum or art gallery. That’s where it belongs."

The Kickstarter has set a July 9 deadline to raise the funds. Wu-Tang are currently prepping an album for the rest of us called A Better Tomorrow that Raekwon, sadly, is not a part of... at least for now.