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Beyond Rap Beef: 10 Legendary 50 Cent Feuds With Taco Bell, Canada & More

Learn about Fiddy's impressive feuds outside the hip-hop community with corporations, inanimate objects and more

    LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 19: Executive producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson attends the "Tapia" premiere during the 2013 Los Angel
    Amanda Edwards/WireImage

    Along with producing hits like "In da Club" and "21 Questions," larger-than-life hip-hop artist 50 Cent has made a career out of producing much-publicized rap feuds. Fat Joe, NasLudacrisRick Ross, Diddy, Game, Diddy again, Chamillionaire and Master P have all felt the fury of Fiddy's opinionated tongue. 

    But over the years, 50 hasn't limited himself to just rappers. He's beefed with a variety of different people, organizations, inanimate objects and concepts. Take a stroll through his most memorable non-rapper beefs, squabbles and all around headaches. 

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    50 Cent vs. Tinted Windows

    A policeman stands during French Interior minister's visit in Saint-Denis, as part of a visit focused on the fight against dr
    Thomas Samson/Getty Images

    Happy New Year? On January 1, 2003, 50 was arrested outside a Manhattan nightclub for criminal possession of a weapon (a firearm). According to reports, 50's car was in a no-park zone outside the Copacabana nightclub and police searched his car because it had tinted windows.

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    50 Cent vs. Music Fans

    CANNES, FRANCE - APRIL 07: Curtis"50 Cent" Jackson attends photocall for "Power" at MIPTV 2014 at Hotel Majestic Jetty on Apr
    Tony Barson/FilmMagic

    In May 2004, 50 Cent was charged with assault and battery after being hit by a water bottle at one of his concerts. According to reports, he made an impromptu appearance in Springfield, MA, that some concert-goers weren't too jazzed on. He entered a plea and had to take anger-management courses.

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    50 Cent vs. Big Summer Concerts

    NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 29: Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson attends the "Last Vegas" premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater on October 29,
    Mike Pont/FilmMagic

    Around the same time he was brawling with fans, 50 was involved in an altercation at Hot 97's annual Summer Jam, which lead to him being banned. That's what'll happen if you throw chairs, which he did. The beef has been squashed though—this past weekend, 50 made his triumphant return and even reunited G-Unit at Summer Jam.

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    50 Cent vs. Canada

    WHISTLER, CANADA - NOVEMBER 25: A Canadian flag blows in a brisk wind at the top of Whistler Mountain on November 25, 2013 in
    George Rose/Getty Images

    In 2005, Canada tried to ban 50 Cent from the country (!) because of his association with guns. "This is not a question of censorship," said former Canadian Member of Parliament Dan McTeague at the time. "This is a question of trying to protect impressionable young men."

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    50 Cent vs. Tacos

    Here's how the taco beef began. In 2009, Fiddy sought over $4 million in damages from Taco Bell for using his likeness without permission. The fast food chain attempted to get 50 to change his name to match one of their menu items that cost less than a buck. For shame, Taco Bell! 50 Cent does not equal free marketing!

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    50 Cent vs. Mack Trucks


    In June 2012, 50 was involved in a rather scary incident on the Long Island Expressway when his bullet-proof SUV was rear-ended by a Mack Truck. He spent some time in the hospital for minor injuries and credited his choice in automobile for saving his life. “He tried to brake, his load shifted, and he lost control and he ran into the back of the truck," 50 told MTV. "It did more damage to the Mack Truck than it did to my truck, ’cause I got a level six; it’s a bulletproof vehicle. It’s the same standard as what they’re moving Obama around in.”

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    50 Cent vs. Howard Stern

    The media was fascinated by 50's romantic involvement with comedian Chelsea Handler. Howard Stern spoke with the rapper about their intimate moments, causing 50 to say, "I'm never coming to your show again, Howard." We have a feeling it was all in good fun.

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    50 Cent vs. Sleek Audio

    LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 06: Recording artist 50 Cent appears at a news conference announcing a partnership with Sleek Audio a
    David Becker/Getty Images

    After seeing the success Dr. Dre had with Beats by Dre headphones, 50 got into the game with Sleek Audio—but the relationship quickly soured. The company sued the rapper and it was reported this past April that he's supposed to pay them a whopping $16 million for stealing trade secrets. That's no chump change, even for 50!

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    50 Cent vs. His Video Star

    Actress Sally Ferreira attends the 2010 NYILFF premiere of "Gun" at the School of Visual Arts Theater on July 30, 2010 in New
    Jim Spellman/Getty Images

    On the heels of 50's beef with Sleek, model Sally Ferreira hit 50 with an $11 million defamation lawsuit. She appeared in his recent video for "Big Rich Town" and third party pictures surfaced on social media, which prompted 50 to call her out on Instagram, saying ""WARNING: Do not attempt to work with this thirsty Video b**** [Her name is Sally Ferreira and she’s a model...] she sent photos Of the video shoot to Mediatakeout Saying I’m in a relationship With her Can anyone say RESHOOT.” The results of this beef are still pending.

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    50 Cent vs. Accurate Pitching

    It was the terrible pitch seen around the world. If there's ever some downtime in 50's life, maybe he should hit the batting cages?

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