May 30, 2014


50 Cent Says A Cop Pulled Him Over Because of That Terrible Mets Pitch

There's no way to watch 50 Cent's infamous first pitch at a Mets game without combusting into hysterical giggles. Thankfully, the Animal Ambition rapper has a pretty good sense of humor about the worst throw in the history of baseball. 

After performing on Good Morning America this morning, Fiddy sat down with Amy Robach and revealed that he'd been pulled over explicitly because the cop wanted to talk about the pitch. "He pulled me over, and I said, 'I got my license!' because I was a little nervous, like, 'Oh, what'd I do?!' He said, 'You know, that pitch was terrible.' He didn't give me no ticket or nothin'. He said, 'Just go ahead, I don't want to mess up your day. You made me laugh.'"

And did he fake it? Was that godawful throw all for publicity? Nope. The pitch and the ensuing humiliation are both very real. "It slipped."

50 Cent went on to reveal additional details about the hotly anticipated forthcoming Animal Ambition, and the inspiration behind his first record in five years: "I focused on the concept initially. I had to create a concept in order to start to write it, because a lot of things had changed in my life since the first album. With this project, I chose prosperity because of the success I had in my career ... even jealousy and envy are connected to it, so it's the darker side of prosperity. Then you have people who develop a sense of entitlement. You want to get all that energy across, because I've experienced all of those things in that period of time."

50 Cent will return to Citifield on June 14. Here's hoping his show makes for a more successful inning at the pitcher's mound.