May 20, 2014


Ryan Tedder Says He's Working on Adele's New Album

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

Ryan Tedder is back with Adele

On Sunday night at the Billboard Music Awards, OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder told the magazine that he's slated to roll deep with the pop star on her new album, which rumor has it will be called 25

"I know I'm going back in with her," said Tedder. "And so, if there's any kind of time crunch, I'll definitely have to bring my A game. I know that much."

Tedder, of course, worked with the British pop star on her mega-smash album 21, co-writing and producing her hit song "Rumour Has It."

The OneRepublic scribe sat down with Fuse last year and told us what his "formula" is for writing hits for Adele and Beyonce. For a glimpse into his creative process, check out our interview with Tedder here.