May 8, 2014


Black Keys Disciples: 10 Acts the Rock Group Have Shaped


The Black Keys return this month with their new album Turn Blue—their eighth studio album in the last 12 years. But writing hit songs isn't the only thing that keeps the garage-rock duo busy. They typically spend their downtime producing for up-and-coming acts as well as a few established artists, serving as tastemakers as well as lending their studio expertise. 

Here are 10 acts they've had a hand in shaping over the last few years. Check 'em out—there's a little Black Keys in all of them. 

#1Jessica Lea Mayfield

One of Dan Auerbach's earliest discoveries was blues-influenced musician Jessica Lea Mayfield—she hails from Ohio, where Auerbach was based for years. On her debut album, 2008's With Blasphemy So Heartfelt, he recorded her at his Akron, Ohio studio. Check out "Bible Days" above. It's a passionate, bluesy number that yields the record's titular line.

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