August 26, 2016


15 Mind-Blowing Michael Jackson Demos

KMazur / WireImage
KMazur / WireImage

On May 13, a new posthumous album from Michael Jackson arrives. Dubbed Xscape, the record takes eight vocal demos recorded over his lengthy career and modernizes them with the help of Justin Timberlake, D'Angelo, Questlove, Timbaland and more. 

Most of these are polished versions of tracks that have floated around the Internet for years. But if the first song "Love Never Felt So Good" is any indication, the collection will be spit-shined in a way that does his legacy proud and gives fans reasons to salivate.

As you gear up for the release of Xscape, check out these Michael Jackson demos for insight into his recording process. Some have been on official re-releases, some just found their way to our digital world and some were reportedly not good enough to make the final cut. But honestly, all of these are pretty great.


Before "Thriller" became a worldwide smash, it existed in an earlier, different form. "Starlight" is the song recorded with the original music but different words. While it's cool, an amazing video featuring a werewolf Michael Jackson would never have emerged if this had stuck. 

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