May 12, 2014


11 Posthumous Music Releases That Don't Suck

#1Gone But Not Forgotten

Michael Jackson's posthumous album Xscape drops tomorrow, featuring his "strongest unreleased songs" that have been "polished with state-of-the-art production." While the first two posthumous MJ releases—2010's Michael and 2011's Immortal—were met with mixed reviews, all signs are pointing that Xscape will be the album the late King of Pop deserves. 

The music is already resonating with audiences: Lead single "Love Never Felt So Good," featuring Justin Timberlake, already hit No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100—Michael's best-charting hit since 2001. It appears Xscape will stand proud alongside past MJ albums. 

But Michael, Immortal and other posthumous releases often feel like an easy way to cash-in on a beloved singer's legacy. And sometimes, they're a dishonor to the artist no longer with us. But every now and then, brilliant songs and albums get released that live up to the act's legacy.

From the Beatles to Amy Winehouse, check out 11 posthumous releases that live up to the standards those legends set when they were still among us. 

By Jeff Benjamin, Mike Ayers, Joe Lynch, Mark Sundstrom and Samantha Vincenty

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