May 14, 2014


The Black Keys: Michael Jackson's 'Xscape' is a "Bullsh-t" Cash-In

Chelsea Lauren
Chelsea Lauren

Just days after calling Justin Bieber a moron—and coincidentally dropping a new albumthe Black Keys' outspoken drummer Patrick Carney is targeting the almighty Michael Jackson.

No, he's not calling MJ a moron, but he's saying the singer's posthumous album Xscape is BS.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Carney said Xscape is "some f--king bullsh-t that sucks so bad that it took them three years after he died to make it listenable."

The idea behind of Xscape was to take unused Michael Jackson demos and "contemporize" them, according to executive producer (and Epic Records CEO) L.A. Reid.

But Carney thinks that's a front. "Like he had to be dead for three years for it to be released," Carney said, adding that the album is probably out now because "L.A. Reid needed a new boat."

While we can't confirm whether Reid needs a new toy or not, we can point out it's been five, not three, years since Jackson died.

Regardless, the public seems to be responding well to the new MJ music. "Love Never Felt So Good" hit the Top 20 and the just-dropped video for the Justin Timberlake duet should help its chart position, too. As for critics, Xscape is getting moderately nice reviews, holding a 72 ("generally favorable") on Metacritic. Give Xscape listen and decide for yourself here.